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The best way to contact us regarding an initial consultation is by email, to  Please write "Consultation" in the subject line.

If you believe you have a substantial legal malpractice or business litigation case and would like us to review it, the most efficient way for us to do so is for you to prepare a detailed outline or chronology of what you believe the important facts of your case are, and send it, with any particularly important documents, beFORE we talk on the phone.

Doing so will give you an opportunity to fully recall your case facts and will save us a lot of time when we speak on the phone.  Even if I decide not to accept your case, your outline will be useful in talking to other law firms.  Legal malpractice cases in particular are a challenge and often the hardest part of your case is finding counsel to represent you.

We appreciate having the opportunity to review your case.  Send the details to us at and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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